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Alex Adelson

Serial Entrepreneur, Physicist, and Patent Extraordinaire

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Alex Adelson, with over 50 years of experience as an applied physicist, entrepreneur, and businessman began his career in the early sixties at Razdow Laboratories; a NASA “think” tank.  In 1966, he formed his own company, Wild Rover Corp, where he fathered monolithic switch technology (touch-operated switches).  This type of technology is widely used today in such products as microwave ovens, cash registers, tablets, and smartphones. The company was successfully sold to Refac Technology in 1971.


From 1974 to the present he has led the technology resource group, The Windessa Group (formerly RTS Research Lab, Inc.). Alex was a co-founder of, and through The Windessa Group helped conceive and develop the first portable barcode scanner for Symbol Technologies, Inc. (a NY Stock Exchange Company now owned by Zebra).  Further, he was the Chief Technical Consultant until 1990 for Symbol along with managing Product Engineering for the Company in their essential relationship with the Product Centrum division of the Dutch Government-owned TNO. TNO is the largest research institute in the Netherlands conducting contract research and product design; Symbol dominated the handheld scanner market in the ’80s and ’90s and became a successful NYSE company in the early ’80s.


Alex holds over 100 patents and trademarks in the fields of optical electronics, barcode technology, automatic inspection, power management, medical applications, and pharmaceutical manufacturing software. He gained FDA medical experience during his work with Symbol which grew out of their involvement with the lasers used in barcode scanners. Lasers are treated as medical radiation hazards requiring particular technical protocols which must be approved by the FDA.


In the 90's he became involved with Base10, a 30-year-old Defense Company seeking to expand into the commercial markets where he was retained as Co-Chair. During those years he worked extensively with the FDA and various pharma clients – Pfizer, Smith Kline, Wyeth, Pharmacia, etc., on issues regarding software systems for controlling pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing.  Base10 became the first software provider ever to achieve FDA compliance and successfully received a US Patent for the system in which he was a co-inventor (US Patent  5.339,261).


Alex is a recipient of a Special U.S. Congressional Recognition Award as a “Successful Entrepreneur.” In 1997, he was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by his alma mater, Muhlenberg College, and was a Trustee for 12 years, having Chaired the Educational Policies and Faculty Affairs Committee and being a member of the Finance Committee. He was awarded the Alumni Achievement Award for the year 2006. He has written a novel, “Deceit and Other Conveniences.” His second novel has just been completed and should be published this fall.

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