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Diego Sanchez

Sales and Marketing Guru

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Diego Sanchez, a US Citizen, born and raised in Ecuador (1979), is a vibrant sales & marketing strategist and resourceful leader that guides continuous business growth with a consistent record of results. Diego is resilient in the creation and capture of business opportunities, with more than +20 years of international experience in marketing, sales, digital, project management, and optimization of business models. Equipped with skills to successfully formulate and implement effective initiatives towards operational productivity, cost reduction, delivery of high-quality products & services, and the spread of strategic alliances toward the development of sustainable businesses. Diego is also an articulate communicator, capable of building and developing both individual talent as well as high-performance teams.


After spending more than a decade (2005-2017) working in multiple countries for Philip Morris International (PMI) managing multimillion-dollar brands such as Marlboro & L&M, Diego knows what truly drives customer conversion. During his tenure at PMI, Diego received two Excellence Awards, the most coveted award at that organization. After his successful career at PMI, Diego started (2018) a mobile research company in Ecuador that harnesses the power of crowdsourcing and smartphone technology across the country to help brands and retailers, spot, fix, sell, learn and grow by gathering retail data and consumer insights in real-time.


Diego holds a Bachelor’s in Science (2001) degree in both Finance and Multinational Business Operations from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL, and two MBAs. His first MBA was earned from Universidad de Palermo in Argentina (2004) and his second from Columbia Business School in New York (2019).


Finally, Diego is an avid golf player, die-hard college football fan, foodie at heart, and truly enjoys, every once in a while, a celebratory 18-year-old single malt scotch.

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